Customer Testimonials

We can tell you plenty about how productive, durable and safe our equipment is, but don't just take our word for it. Hear what customers have to say about their Barko machines.

We were impressed with how fast the Strong-Arm grapple works. The rotation is powerful, and we love the extra torque when loading trucks with big timber. The whole thing is really well built and easy to maintain.

Randy Rogers
Crouse Logging Co. Inc.
[Sheridan, AR]

I’ve gotten way better performance with this harvester and head than units I’ve used in the past. I typically work in hardwood and oak and get up to 60 cord a day with the Barko machine.

Matt Rollo
Owner of Rollo Logging Inc.
[Wausakee, WI]

We love the RTC to be honest with you. It’s better than an articulated frame carrier because there are fewer parts, no articulation joint bushings or points, no two-piece frame, no articulated steering cylinders, and no extra valve for steering.

Len Hobbs
Virginia-Carolina Forest Products, Inc.
[Lawrenceville, VA]

The Rough Terrain Carrier loader is far more nimble than any other carrier that we’ve had before. When you have a lot of trucks coming in each day, it’s a big help if the operator can move around on a tight schedule. The maneuverability of the machine is a big help to our operation. It moves quickly, has a small turning radius, and turns well in muddy conditions.

RTC Loader User

The Barko harvesters can cut beech, hard maple, oak, it doesn’t matter. Often you can even swing a tree and pull it up the hill. When you grab a hold of a big tree, it’s just amazing the amount of power these machines have.

Scott Pinney
Owner of Northwoods Logging and Tree Service
[East Jordan, MI]

The swing power on the 240 is superior, and the track power really sets it apart. It’s a 45,000-pound machine, but it’s right up there with the horsepower and performance of a 60,000-pound unit.

Bill Brand
President of Northland Harvesting
[Newberry, MI]

With the Barko harvester I'm producing 20 more cords in a 10-hour day than with our previous unit. Maintenance is simple, too. The forward-sliding cab lets you perform service from the ground without crawling around. I open it up, grease it and go home.

Paul Roberts
Owner of Roberts Logging Inc.
[Rhinelander, WI]

The Barko CF18 head does very well at taking some bigger hard maple and oak. And the harvester itself get around really easy in the marked hardwoods. It's a really well put together machine.

Jerry Ort, Jr.
President of Tigerton Lumber Co.
[Tigerton, WI]

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